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from all walks of life, and there is also private tuition.
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A System for Drawing Horses in the 21st Century - DH21 Offers
Classical Horses in a Classical Setting
Foundation and Master Courses Offering
Atelier-style Tuition
Unique Approach to Get You Started and Keep You Going
Levels 1 - 6 Step by Step Syllabus
Atelier Beginner/Refresher Courses that Includes
Study of the Great Masters
Help for the Left-Handed Artist
Weatherproof Part and Full Day Courses
Studio & Manège Environment

Drawing horses is an immense challenge, even for the talented. Long breaks from the studio can mean skills going rusty. While Sue felt she could paint and sculpt horses, there were few teachers to help with the intricacies of drawing in order to up-skill in these mediums... Without a map and compass how best to chart one’s progress? A system developed after studying horses' natural and extraordinary uninhibited movement, with stepped progression.

EAA offers a unique and exciting introduction to the technical side of drawing horses and
existing nowhere else ... Specifically designed for beginners, but anyone wishing to progress, or as a refresher... Level 1 is a full-day comprehensive start-up course addressing

Observation Skills Elevation Studies
Proportion Conformation

The syllabus is flexible and fun (Level 1* full/part day can be demanding) but
paced according to individual and special needs, details below:

Annual Programme
April to Oct - Midweek/Weekends - Groups & Private Tuition i.e
(Self-selecting areas to study beyond Level 1)

Individual Bookings, or
Dates To Be Announced:
Foundation To Master Course - Steps/Levels 1 (to 6) e.g
Level 1*: Three Perspectives/Elevations - Produce Three Final Horse Drawings

Special Help Available for the Left-Handed Artist - Full Day

Level 2: Two Perspectives of Informal Movement - Producing Two Final Horse Drawings
Special Help Available for the Left-Handed Artist - Part Day

Technical Drawing of Horses Courses
Single Artist or Group Bookings*

Saturday Classes 2.00-5.00 p.m.

Foundation 'Head Starter's @ £35.00
Level 1: Beginner's Single Perspective of The Horse's Head - Part Day
Foundation 'Single View' @ £35.00
Level 1: Beginner's Single Only Perspective (Side/Rear/Front View) - Part Day

2011 New!

High Arts Cultural Days Out for All 
Art Society Groups, Big And Small Groups etc

Meet the Artist, The Horses, The Iconographic Inspiration & Artworks
Magical Mystery Tour

STARTS The Green Gt Glen - 2 hours of MAGIC!

Tickets In Advance £20.00

Booking A Course
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*Course Member or
Group Discount. *Discounted Atelier Book
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The author is EAA founder and tutor Sue Bird - an Associate Member of the Society of Equestrian Artists. Her two and three dimensional art work may be seen on - in the SEA Gallery.